underground water utilities


Underground Utilities

Planning a new build or doing some repairs? Our install team can take care of all your underground sewer and water utilities. We’ll make sure everything is done properly and up to code. 



septic system


Septic Systems

At Superior Plumbing Service, we’re experts in the sewer and septic system industry! We’re proud to be here for all your septic system needs, including the installation of new septic tanks and systems.

We are certified in ATL systems and Presby systems



drainage system


Drainage Systems

Proper drainage can prevent disasters such as sinkholes and floods. We will work with you to create the proper drainage system for your property, including storm drains, french drains, excavation and more.



excavator digging for new plumbing


Water Services

Superior Plumbing Service is here for all your plumbing excavation needs, whether you’re working on a new build or repairing an existing home. We can excavate for repairs, or new service installs with or without meter pits.



superior plumbing service vehicles


Sewer Laterals

Sewage pipes wear down with age, leading to leading to costly failures and sewer backups. We’ll repair and install new sewer lines, making sure everything is running smoothly. Don’t wait until you have a back-up in your home—call Superior Plumbing Service today!



Residential or Commercial; New Construction or Existing Spaces Superior Plumbing Service is Here For You.

When you need Superior Plumbing Service, we’ll be ready to help you.

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